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Private Customized Solution, using our tehnology and expertize

If you are not interested in partnering with TradeHolding.com you will be certainly interested in using our expertize and tehnology to have your own B2B portal. We offer a full range of services from small script development, installation, modification to a complete web site development. Database and E-Commerce projects: our specialty! We are highly customer oriented individuals committed to high quality output and fast service.
You can use our already developed B2B application or you might need a custom solution.

Product Name: B2B Solution
Version: 1.00
Requirements: Unix, Perl, MySQL
Features: read below
Working Demo: click here
Pricing: ask for a quote
Free Consultation: click here

A working example of an International B2B portal using our solution can be seen here: http://market.tradeholding.com.
IMPORTANT!!! Please note that this site is a live site. If you are testing the application, make sure you use real information (your name, your company name, etc.), otherwise our verification department may delete your postings without any prior notice. If you are unable to login, it is probably because your account was deleted. Just sign-up again and make sure you are entering correct information about your company.

Features / Description of our "B2B Solution" application:
diamond setup / license fees apply, based on your preferences / requirements
diamond you earn 100% of the revenue generated by your members, TradeHolding only builds your website, we have absolutely no control over your members
diamond completely customizable: your own header, footer, logo, sitename, banners
diamond you can have an international - non targeted B2B portal (company database and trade lead database) or a targeted B2B portal
  examples of targeted B2B portals:
    country specific (example: Japan)
    regional B2B portal (example: Eastern Europe with countries: Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia)
    vertical B2B portal (example: Agricultural Products)
    country or region specific vertical B2B portal (example: Hong Kong Electronics)
diamond innovative "credit" based charging and "pay per position" feature
diamond free trial for your members (if desired: 5, 10, 25, 50 credits)
diamond you decide how do you want to charge your members
    pay ONLY to contact another company (1 credit)
    pay ONLY to post a trade lead (1 credit)
    pay to post a trade lead (1 credit) AND pay to contact another company (1 credit)
diamond additionally credits can be used by members to bid on company position and / or postion of one or more specific trade leads
diamond built in credit card processing, members can pay you by check, wire transfer, credit card, etc.
diamond we can incorporate any other feature(s) requested by you.

If you need a custom solution we can also help building you a full B2B system based on your requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us with any question you might have: office@tradeholding.com.

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