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Terms of Service

By using TradeHolding.com services or purchasing from Premier World Ltd. you acknowledge that you have read these terms and have agreed to them.

Our scripts require Linux/Unix server with support for Perl or PHP4.X and MySQL Database access + certain Perl modules such as Perl DBI-DBD module, Perl Image Size module, etc. Please contact us before you are making an order to receive the system requirements for any particular software.
Scripts that are sold to you can be used on a single website (single domain license). You may remove links to this site that appear on pages generated by scripts you purchased, but you may not remove any copyright notices, addresses, and other information found inside the code of the scripts.

You may modify the script for personal use, but not for resale. If you modify the script we do not respond for any demages or malfunctionality. You may not sell our script, however you may sell the website using the script. If you sell the website, the new owner will have the same obligations as you.
All script purchased and performed services are non-refundable.
Refunds can only be given under special circumstances, including: accidental wrong order, major problem with product which cannot be fixed within reasonable time, etc.
It is your responsibility to make sure the location (server) you plan to install the script on, meets the minimum requirements.

If a script installed or sent to you is found to be in possession of another individual or website, which did not purchase the script, then you will be found responsible, no matter how the script was retrieved by the other party. Unlicensed distribution of our script, whether for profit or not, will be considered in violation of international copyright laws.

We reserve the right to refuse any particular order.

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