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Welcome to TradeHolding.com!

TradeHolding.com invites you to become part of an exciting international B2B Network. We are a quickly growing B2B network, our goal is to build a global network of B2B websites where companies can find and post their trade offers and maximize their revenue.
To help us to achieve this goal we are always looking for business partners who are interested in building a completely new B2B website or would like to enhance their services buy adding TradeHolding.com market functionality to their existing website.

Quick Start:
diamond Companies, Business Owners: Locate Business Partners Worldwide
diamond Website Owners, Governments, etc.: Add B2B Markeplace Functionality to your website!
diamond New B2B Software / Tehnology: B2B Solution: B2B Portal Software

TradeHolding.com is proud to announce a private label revenue sharing program that is second to none >> read more about private label, revenue sharing solutions

Our growing international TradeHolding.com network consists of:
diamond international non-targeted B2B websites
diamond country specific B2B websites (example: Japan)
diamond regional B2B websites (example: Eastern Europe)
diamond vertical B2B websites (example: Agricultural Products)
diamond country or region specific vertical B2B websites (example: Hong Kong Electronics).
International Non-Trageted Example:
By partnering with us you can have a similar, private label revenue sharing website in less than 48-72 hours, based on your specific needs!
>> read more about private label, revenue sharing solutions

TradeHolding.com Solutions >> read more about our B2B solutions

diamond Co-Branded, private label revenue sharing solution (hosted by us) >> read more
diamond Private Customized Solution, using our tehnology and expertize >> read more

TradeHolding.com Regional Portals >> regional B2B marketplaces

diamond Middle East & Gulf Area: >> Middle East B2B Marketplace
diamond Europe: >> Europe B2B Marketplace
diamond Mediterranean: >> Mediterranean B2B Marketplace
diamond Greece & Turkey: >> Greece & Turkey B2B Marketplace

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